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Real Estate

Landlord/Tenant Law At The Patel Law Offices, P.C.we have extensive experience representing landlords and tenants in unlawful detainer actions. We have a proven track record in efficiently representing our clients' interests and facilitating a quick turnover of rental properties.

Our attorneys are experts; they understand this very technical and sometimes complex area of law. They are prepared to quickly evaluate your case, plan a course of action, and navigate you confidently through the legal process.

Purchase/Sell Agreements

Many real estate buyers and sellers in California rely on a “form” purchase and sales agreement to complete the largest transaction of their lives. In today’s market, many home sales require the approval of lenders and have other unique terms and contingencies that cannot be adequately structured on “fill-in-the-blank” forms. Our real estate attorneys have the expertise and knowledge to draft an agreement that reflects the unique structure of each transaction, while also protecting our clients from the many hazards of purchasing real estate in a volatile market.

Mortgage Foreclosures and Workouts

Foreclosure proceedings can be stressful and intimidating. All the phone calls and “official notices” can leave you feeling hopeless. Our attorneys understand the world of residential finance and they know your rights as a borrower. With your home and credit on the line, it is crucial that you have an experienced professional in your corner.

Not surprisingly, most mortgage companies today are willing to work with sincere borrowers that want to stay in their homes. Mortgage modifications and workouts are sometimes complicated and having someone on your side that knows you, knows your situation, and knows the law, is invaluable.

Our Real Estate Group attorneys have successfully negotiated with some of the largest institutional lenders in the state and the country to lower our clients’ monthly mortgage payments by hundreds of dollars. Don’t let your home and credit slip away because you didn’t know your rights or understand your options. Put our experienced legal professionals to work for you and give yourself the best chance at saving your home and your credit.

Real Estate Litigation

We represent our clients’ interests with passion and vigor.Our real estate litigators have a wide array of expertise including partition actions, construction defects, homebuilder contract disputes, quiet title actions, mechanics’ liens, adverse possession, land use planning, zoning, landlord/tenant and foreclosures.

Our zeal and experience have proven to be a winning combination, in which our clients receive the finest representation with extremely personalized service.

Land Development

We represent land owners, developers, lenders, and investors, in planning, financing, selling, purchasing, zoning and developing a broad range of real estate projects.

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